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OMG! I just got a Fan Mail Address!!!
Want to send me letters, cute things, or even boxes with surprises inside! Now you can!! :)

My Fan Mail address:
Official Rainbow Girl
14856 Payton Ave.
San Jose, CA 95124

My Amazon Wish List:
I also made an Amazon Wish List which you can check out just in case your feeling really generous! :)

  • There’s stuff on there that would help me make better videos, like a new camera (OMG that would be amazing)
  • Other stuff is just cute outfits or things I would love to wear. or rainbow lights, and other stuff with rainbows on it. :)
  • I think it would be really fun to make a video where I open stuff from you guys, read letters, and use cool things from my amazing fans in future videos!

Thank you guys for all your support! You have literally changed my life and It makes me so happy to make videos for you guys!

Rainbow Girl

23 Responses

  1. michael
    michael at · · Reply

    I looking to buy 3d pen which pen you like more the SCRIBBLER NANO or the V3?

    Thanks a lot , and i liked your videos on youtube

  2. sshence
    sshence at · · Reply

    ummmm hi I follow allllll your rules i really want that 3d pen i dont have it all my life i want to have fun with my baby sister with that pen

    and ireally love you rainbow girll your so coollll

  3. walter
    walter at · · Reply

    hi rainbow girl what can you say about the new 3d doodler pro pen?

  4. CK Kim
    CK Kim at · · Reply

    Hello, I have in contact with you over e-mails but unfortunately could get reached you. I am seriously hoping to have a collaboration with me for 3D printing pen, which will be launched in US for the first time. I believe this is the lightest and thinnest 3D printing pen available in the market. I will be much appreciated if you can reply back to me. I will discuss with you more details over e-mail.

  5. Zoey Zhao
    Zoey Zhao at · · Reply

    Hi, We are launching a new 3D pen kickstarter and we really want to collaborate with you

  6. Leslie
    Leslie at · · Reply

    I,m trying to give fan mail but my mom said you are died


    i would love to get the V3 btw your hair, channel, vids and you are supercool

  8. Gabrylle Briscoe
    Gabrylle Briscoe at · · Reply

    I really want i 3D pen or even win a giveaway also i love your youtube Channel i always watch it please text me back

  9. Vitor Patrezze Nunes
    Vitor Patrezze Nunes at · · Reply

    A cool gift built with the 3d pen would be dolls and other customizable toys, so that people could print new clothes and acessories for the doll themselves.

  10. Letícia Abadia Prata Teodoro
    Letícia Abadia Prata Teodoro at · · Reply

    A really cool gift idea would be something really cute and tiny made by a 3d pen because i love 3d drawing!! <3

  11. Letícia Abadia Prata Teodoro
    Letícia Abadia Prata Teodoro at · · Reply

    i loooove your videos! please keep inspiring me!

  12. Jerrick
    Jerrick at · · Reply

    Hello :) .. omg i hope im commenting in the right area… i love your videos! i watch them every saturday! i hope you see this comment because i sub’d (i already was loll) i liked the giveaway video, (for the scribbler v3) shared to four friends, and im commenting yayyyyy (im way too excited) thx for letting me comment, and thanks for posting great content 😀

  13. Grace marquez
    Grace marquez at · · Reply

    Can you do a giveaway for the 3doodler start

  14. Grace marquez
    Grace marquez at · · Reply

    Please let me have the scribbler

  15. Mahirah
    Mahirah at · · Reply

    I live yr videos so much u are such a cool person I hope I can be like u one day

    BTW I love yr hair

  16. Helen
    Helen at · · Reply

    I love your vid so much

  17. LEFKO
    LEFKO at · · Reply


  18. Jucliarainbow
    Jucliarainbow at · · Reply

    Hello rainbow girl! I wached your films every day and i very like films with 3D pen and very i would like him to win i greet the Lady of the rainbow !

  19. ava
    ava at · · Reply

    i adore you and your channel your amazing artwork

  20. saraka
    saraka at · · Reply

    I love your chanel!

  21. Mary-Kate Pauley
    Mary-Kate Pauley at · · Reply

    Ily so much and would love to win as we don’t have that much money and yeah I just love you so much!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Daria
    Daria at · · Reply

    I love little things too. I never need them but they are Just cute xD

  23. Lyndi
    Lyndi at · · Reply

    You are awsome from your friend lyndi

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