Would you like to:  1. Collaborate on a video?  2. Hire me for an event?  3. Send me a product to review (3D pens, 3D printers, Wigs, Makeup, Art supplies, etc)?

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Want to Send Fan Mail / Products to review?!:
Official Rainbow Girl
14856 Payton Ave.
San Jose, CA 95124

Contact me if you’re interested in:

Chalk board Cars! (What’s a chalkboard car? Click here)
• 3 Chalkboard cars
• TONS of chalk (Crayola, soft pastels, black light chalk)
• Black lights for showing off the chalk board cars at night + Glowing Chalk!
• The inside of one car is decorated with fur, cute trinkets, and cool drawings!
• Use this art to promote your business and attract an audience!

3D Printing Pen Workshops / Demos! (What are 3D printing pens? Click here)
• TONS of 3D printing pens – We have every pen! 3Doodler, 3Doodler 2.0, Scribbler v1, v2, v3, Polyes Q1, CreoPop, Magic 3D Maker, IDO3D
• Stencils & fun projects for both kids and adults
• Great for parties or attracting large crowds
• Use this art to promote your business and attract an audience!

Appearance by Rainbow Girl
• Meet & greet, hang out, make some art together
• I’ll show up at your event or party with my bright rainbow hair & stylish outfits

YouTube Collaboration Videos
• Work with Official Rainbow Girl to make an awesome Collaboration video(s)
• Be in one of my videos, and/or have me in one of yours
• Work on Creative art together and share with both our audiences!

Video Production / Editing:
• Filming and video production for events
• Video and audio editing in various styles with Adobe Premier CC
• Creating videos that inspire people to smile, think, and be creative : )

Examples of Paid Commercial & Non-Profit Events:

Bud Light (Whatever, USA) (Catalina Island)
• 2000 person Art and Music Event
• Ran a 2 day 3d printing pen workshop where we showed event participants how to use 3d pens and gave them the opportunity to try out pens
• Managed 4 3d printing pens going at once with HUGE amount of plastic
• Carried a liability insurance policy
• This event can be seen in a few of our videos (Scribbler Workshop) (Catalina Event)

City of Palo Alto: (Meet the Streets) (Palo Alto)
• 1000 person Art & Music Event
• 2 chalk board cars + Black light reactive chalk + a Giant black light
• Managed 6 pens being used at the same time! and gave 100s of kids a change to try 3d printing pens for the first time!
• 2 chalk board cars, one being drawn on by me and the other for everyone to draw on with black light reactive chalk!
• Set up Sound system/Tables/Chairs/2 monitors and ran videos of 3d printing pen to inspire kids
• Check out the Video: (Chalkboard Cars + 3d Pens)

Surprise Birthday Party:
• Made an appearance at a fan’s house with 2 chalkboard cards
• One car was covered with amazing art + it said Happy Birthday! The other car was left blank so she could draw on it with all her friends.
• Set up a huge table with lots of 3d printing pens and stencils for everyone to try

Luna Chalk Car Festival:
• 2000 person Public Art & Music Festival
• Brought 2 Chalk board cars: One for professional artists to draw on and the other for all the kids to draw on.
• Left a pile of chalk and watched as the cars were filled with amazing art!
• Check out the Video: (Luna Chalk Festival)

Burning Man Festival (Filmed + edited video)
• Filmed a 70,000 person Art & Music Festival
• My goal was to capture the Burning Man Experience through the eyes of one person.
o Share my experience at burning man rather than only filming the art like many other videos.
o Express with viewers the feeling that there is so much unique art to appreciate but not enough time to see everything,
o Inspire my audience by sharing the creative culture and unique art
• Check out my video: (The Burning Man Experience)

Where I’m Located?

I’m located in the SF Bay Area (San Jose, CA) and spend time in Los Angeles & San Diego several times a year. Also, I’m happy to discuss traveling anywhere in the world for fun opportunities!

Contact Email:
Want to Send Fan Mail / Products to review?!:
Official Rainbow Girl
14856 Payton Ave.
San Jose, CA 95124
Watch my videos at: