About Me

Official Rainbow Girl:
IMG_9129I am probably the most colorful person you will ever meet! I am excited about life and I plan on living for a very long time. I want to keep on living because I’m so excited to see what’s gonna happen next! So far it’s been quite amazing!

I am from Reno, Nevada. I love to travel and explore the world!  I have a friendly cat named Orion, but he doesn’t come along with me when I travel :( I like to wear costumes because I think they are fun. I love aliens and my life long dream is to visit another planet and meet some.

My mother is from Venezuela and so I understand Spanish and I can speak it (but not very fast). The only “normal” job I have had was working at a pizza shop. My favorite event is Burning Man. I like to eat pasta and my favorite drink is water with a lemon squeezed in there. It is the perfect drink! I love flying or being on top of tall buildings! I like to do anything creative. I have many hobbies which include: making videos, painting, sewing, traveling, bird photography, astronomy, making music… etc. I love decorating things like my car, myself, and many other things. I also like funny things and weird things. I don’t have a specific favorite color but I enjoy highly saturated colors.  I like touching and looking at different types of fabrics. I love trees and birds. I like the feel of being outside in the early morning. I like to collect things, such as clocks and fortune cookies. and I LOVE my YouTube fans! :) They are amazing!! 

Official Rainbow Guy:

The business guy behind Official Rainbow Girl. MBA graduate, Marketing & Technology expert, writer, lover of 3d printing pens, and all around creative guy who enjoys making YouTube videos with Rainbow Girl!  While I’m usually hiding behind the camera Rainbow Girl is sometimes able to convince me to appear in videos. I make an appearance when she dyes my hair or beard rainbow, makes me a chalk board shirt, and in our road trip videos as well as when we draw on our chalkboard cars together! Thats right, we both have chalk board cars!

I love traveling, attending creative events full of art, meeting unique people, trying out new technology, solving problems creatively, and I’m a little too good anything that requires hand eye coordination (spinning fire, playing piano & drums, tennis, ping pong, bowling, juggling, swing dancing, magic tricks, etc). I love listening to and creating music, pushing myself and others to be better at life, and learning in a constantly changing world. Working with Rainbow Girl has been such an adventure! I have no idea whats going to happen next and I wouldn’t have it any other way. :) 

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