Rainbow Sequin Mini Skirt! (Iridescent, Color Changing!)


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Product Description

Color changing iridescent sequin mini skirt!

It has AMAZING *rainbow* fabric that looks like a different color from each angle you look at it! It looks great in the sun and indoors, too. It sure is an eye catcher! If the light reflects on it then it will shine beautiful rainbow colors on any nearby surface!

It makes a great summer skirt, and is also great for going to a festival, party, or club! It’s very flashy and unique, so if you want to impress your friends and have random people saying, “WOW!!!” then this skirt is for you.


Fit & Size:
This is a tight fitted mini skirt.
It should easily fit because it has an elastic waistband.

Do NOT put the skirt in the dryer. Hang dry only.
If you spill food or something on the mini skirt, it is easy to clean. Just take a wet cloth or paper towel and wipe; it comes right off!
I would strongly suggest hand washing only if you want the mini skirt to last a long time. If you must machine wash it, flip it inside out and use cold water. Also, consider putting the skirt in a small mesh laundry bag in order to protect the sequins from catching on your other clothing.